The most recent happening here at the NY Dude Temple include a changing of the wallets for my buddy Todd. Todd’s had the same wallet for about 9 years and it was just about time he found a new one, then he ripped a big ‘ol hole down the middle of it. So, then it become pretty necessary that he find an new one and ASAP!

That’s when we at the NY Dude Temple took it upon ourselves to find Todd the manliest wallet imaginable. We looked just about everywhere from Amazon to Walmart and narrowed it down pretty quickly. Here’s what we decided would be in the manly wallet of our dreams:

  • Thick, thick leather
  • Real leather, not that crappy pleather junk
  • Plenty of room for cards
  • A good warranty
  • A good return policy
  • A dang good-looking wallet overall!

And what wallet did we decide on?

The Saddleback Wallet is absolutely the manliest thing available! All the above criteria were perfect! Check out more on the Saddleback Wallet if you want to know more.

Here’s the one we decided on for Todd:

saddleback wallet

You can probably tell this isn’t the one he got since its all worn and beautiful already, but I’ll try and post a pic soon if I can. And so far he loves it more than any wallet he’s ever owned.

What’s more, when he got the confirmation from Amazon they told him that they’d donated like 20% of the purchase to a charity! I don’t remember how much, but it was definitely more than I’d expect. Definitely sounds like a legit company, eh?

Anyways, Hopefully you’ll check it out, and if not then no worries, I’ll be sure to post more about it as time goes one. There have been a few reviews we’ve seen that complain about breaking cards and such. Hopefully that’s not an issue (It’s not yet).

Thanks all!

PS. If you want to support us, buy your Saddleback Wallet or ID Wallet through this link to Amazon:

Here are some of the most legit barbeques I’ve ever seen! If you like these ones, we’ve got another set coming soon.

The Man-Motor barbeque that is probably the only one ever that runs on gasoline! :)


Now, this is the best use for a tail hitch that I’ve ever seen! Brings a while new meaning to tailgating!

barbeque 2

And yet another interpretation of tailgating. Making my mouth water :)

barbeque 3

And to finish it off, a video of the best grill of all! Why? Because of the meat! :)



What good man-site would be complete without a posting on bacon! The bacon cheeseburger index is apparently the biggest connection with US inflation since anything. Close seconds as far as predictors include food stamps, gun purchases, and a few other things :)